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Widely Casting Resin-WP300

Widely printing and casting resin for dentistry. It is necessary to ensure that the crown bridges and movable brackets have certain strength support, at the same time, the size is accurate, the deformation is small, the most important thing is that there is no residual after casting, shrinkage is small, and the surface is smooth.
Viscosity322.4 MPa*s
Flexural Strength75 MPa
Flexural modulus1850 MPa
Density1.15-1.18 g/cm3
Hardness(Shore D)75 Shore
Ignition Temperature400 °C
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Dental Model Resin-DM400

Dental model resin replaces traditional impression gypsum, replicates the morphology of dental tissue and other information on the model, and makes various prostheses on the model. Therefore, the accuracy of the model is an important basis to ensure the quality of the prosthesis. This resin has high precision and can completely reproduce the data model.
Viscosity510 MPa*s
Density1.20 g/cm3
Hardness(Shore D)85 Shore D
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Navigation Template Resin-NT600

Dental guide resin, because of its high accuracy, can easily be directly inserted into drill sleeve after printing. It can achieve higher accuracy in the operation process, and the use of disinfectants will not change the performance of the material. The accuracy of 3D printing directly affects the accuracy of guide plate, and photosensitive resin is the key to the accuracy. The accuracy of registration and precision control of dental implant guide plate is higher than that of clinical application. Three-dimensional analysis of post-implant errors is helpful to determine the source of errors. The design, fabrication and accuracy evaluation of the new guide plate for oral implantation surgery are mainly based on registration technology and reverse engineering technology, and the implantation accuracy is high.
Viscosity322.4 MPa*s
Ultimate bending strength78 MPa
Flexural modulus1850 MPa
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Oral Gums Resin-OG700

Dental gingival material is a kind of flexible material which is used to simulate and model materials.
Hardness(Shore A)1560 Shore
Elongation at Break64%
ColorPeach Pink
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Temporary Teeth Resin-TT800

Dental special temporary resin has the characteristics of hard and reliable, the color is closer to the body of the tooth, wearing temporary crown can ensure the fixed position of abutment teeth, prevent gingival deformation, shorten the adaptation period of the final prosthesis after wearing. It prevents the preparation of teeth and the elongation of the jaw teeth, which results in the failure of the completed restoration.
Viscosity322.4 MPa*s
Density1.15-1.18 g/cm3
Flexural Strength86 MPa
Flexural modulus 2230 Mpa
Hardness(Shore D)85 Shore
ColorMilky White
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