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ECR901 Casting Wax

Material Category


Material Description

The wax-contained casting resin can be placed in the furnace at low temperature and casted together with the wax. It burns very clean, ash-free and residue-free, capturing clear and precise details.

It also has a very smooth surface. Thick and letter-embedded models can also be perfectly printed.

High definition, strength and precision

Capturing complex details without worrying about thermal expansion , it also can create challenging and unique models.

Smooth surface quality

Before casting, the printed model with a smooth surface can achieve perfection with minimal polishing.


Viscosity 260Mpa*s
Tensile Strength 8.8Mpa
Elongation at Break 2.35%
Flexural Strength 13.3Mpa
Flexural Modulus 23.1Mpa
Bending Strain 3.90%
Izod Impact-Notched 570KJ/m² 
Density 1.13g/cm³
Hardness(Shore D) 60 Shore
Ignition Temperature 150℃

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