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4KL150UR Large Continuous DLP 3D Printer

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Product Description

4KL150UR is an Industrial-grade Ultra Rapid Printing DLP-3D printer. The printing speed is increased several times, accuracy is higher, and the surface is smoother. As a new 3D plus technology, after countless technical upgrades, has been vigorously applied in the jewelry industry and can be used as mass production tools. Equipped with oxygen generator and oxygen permeable release film , suitable for high wax-contain resin, this model is an excellent choice for big and thick parts that are difficult to cast or require mass production. With super high stability and continuous working ability, it has been unanimously recognized by customers.

4KL150UR uses a professional ultra-high resolution projection optical engine with a resolution of 4K (3840×2160). High illumination uniformity, ensuring stable molding of every position in the forming surface. Using high-stability LED UV light source, life can last for more than 20,000 hours to ensure the reliable forming of the printing process. Multiple or large-size models can be printed, 50 rings can be printed in an hour.

The use of high oxygen permeable release film and special release technology makes the release lighter and smoother, higher success rate, simpler maintenance, and the service life of the release film is longer than conventional products, greatly reducing low cost.

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Model 4KL150UR
Brand 3D Plus
Scanning Mode DLP
Formation Space 146×82×200mm
X\Y Axis Precision 38μm
Z Axis Precision 10-25μm adjustable
Device Size 62×60×143cm
Weight 156Kg
Printing Speed 25mm/h
Materials CW2000

Recommended Materials

CW2000 Casting Wax

The wax-contained casting resin can be placed in the furnace at low temperature and casted together with the wax. It burns very clean, ash-free and residue-free, capturing clear and precise details. It also has a very smooth surface. Thick and letter-embedded models can also be perfectly printed.

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