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305S Silicone Mold Resin

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Material Description

The rubber molding resin has a high hardness and strength, and also has a very smooth surface. It can be used for ordinary silica gel to continue to heat at high temperatures, then to be a prototype of silica gel mold, instead of silver mold.

High definition, strength and precision

Capturing complex details without worrying about features that are too small to print, it is ideal for small holes and fine pins, and it also can create challenging and unique models.

Smooth surface quality

No need to polish, the printed model with a smooth surface can achieve perfection with minimal polishing.


Viscosity 510Mpa*s
Flexural Strength 32Mpa
Flexural Modulus 2850Mpa
Izod Impact-Notched 17J/m² 
Density 1.08g/cm³
Hardness(Shore D) 85 Shore

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