What are the advantages of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer


Large Toy LCD 3D Printer is moderately priced, accurate, and fast to print. It has become the most common 3D printer on the market, but there are still many people who don’t know its advantages very well. This article will give you a rough introduction.

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Advantages of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer:
1. Fineness. The liquid material used in light curing is more finely printed.
2. The surface is smooth. The Large Toy LCD 3D Printer is smoother, negligible.
3. Support various materials. Currently, resin applications on the market have gradually covered all general applications and needs, and the number of products is growing rapidly. Each photopolymer resin is a component and additives required for photosynthetic reaction, such as dyes, functional supplements, etc.
4. The support has less damage to the surface of the molded object. Add all the resin in the resin tank, such as adding proppant during curing, so that it can be connected with the part body.
5. Fast printing. Light curing is relatively fast.
6. Reduce expenses. For certain applications, such as prototyping, custom dental equipment and jewelry models, stereolithography can save the budget.
7. The finished product is waterproof. Most light-cured models are more water-resistant than plastic or powdered materials and do not absorb moisture.
The above is the introduction of the advantages of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer, do you understand?

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