Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer manufacturers teach you how to improve printing accuracy


The manufacturer of Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer tells you that the accuracy of 3D printing is mainly determined by the printer's own components, the temperature during the printing process, the layer thickness, the compensation amount set by the printer, and the extrusion filling speed during the printing process. Any factor If it becomes a short board, the printing result will be unsatisfactory, so it is necessary to control all aspects when printing, and both are indispensable.

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How to improve the accuracy of 3D printing?
1. The printer's own components and the 3D printer's own hardware have an important impact on the accuracy of the printed product. The Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer manufacturer tells you that this is mainly because compared with the ordinary printers that are widely circulated in the market, 3D printers are On the basis of the original x and y axes, the z axis has been added, which has higher requirements for accuracy and stability. Therefore, when selecting a printer, it is necessary to choose a printer with high assembly accuracy, strong stability, and emphasis on metal materials, which can be compatible with more Heavy material printing, so that the precision of the finished product can be higher.
2. The manufacturer of Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer tells you that the temperature mainly refers to the temperature of the nozzle and the temperature during molding. The temperature of the nozzle determines the adhesion performance of the material, the accumulation performance, the width of the extrusion wire, etc., so the temperature of the nozzle should be moderate, too high or too low Both will affect the adhesion coefficient. The appropriate temperature should be selected according to the nature of the selected consumables to ensure that the extruded wire can show a smooth melting state. The temperature during molding will affect the thermal stress of the molded part and the excessively high surface It is easy to wrinkle, and if it is too low, it is easy to warp and deform. Therefore, when printing pla, keep it ventilated to dissipate heat immediately. When printing ABS, the temperature during molding should be as stable as possible at 55 degrees Celsius.
3. Layer thickness refers to the thickness when slicing. 3D printing is mainly layer-by-layer accumulation, each layer has its own thickness, and finally appears as the texture on the surface of the finished product. If the layer thickness is greater, the texture will be more obvious. The surface will be rougher. The Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer manufacturer tells you that for FDM, this is a principle error that we cannot eliminate, but we can improve the accuracy of the surface of the object by setting a smaller layer thickness. If the requirements for the printed object are higher, We need to switch to the two methods of sla and lcd in light curing molding, the surface of the finished product is smooth and the precision is higher
4. The compensation amount refers to the distance between the actual processing contour lines. If you want to print a high-precision finished product, you should try to give compensation as much as possible when you start modeling, especially the inner hole. The specific compensation amount The value setting is related to the performance of the 3D printer, the extrusion diameter, etc., and needs to be discussed in detail.
5. Extrusion filling speed. When the filling speed is in a reasonable state, the extrusion speed is proportional to the width of the contact surface. When the extrusion speed is too high and there is too much tearing, it will scratch the surface of the model and affect the molding. When the filling speed When the extrusion speed is greater than the extrusion speed, the printing process will cause broken filaments due to insufficient material supply, otherwise the filaments will be melted and piled up, the surface will be uneven, and pimples will appear. The manufacturer of Industrial Larger DLP 3D Printer tells you that the extrusion speed and filling speed should be adjusted within a reasonable range, so that the printed product has higher precision and a more delicate and smooth surface.

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