Jewelry DLP 3D Printer manufacturers take you to understand the overall harmonious beauty of jewelry styles


Jewelry DLP 3D Printer manufacturers tell you that the design of jewelry style mainly considers the jewelry as a whole and the jewelry as a whole. However, the whole is made up of points, lines and planes. Only the skillful use of points, lines and planes can reflect the complete beauty.

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Jewelry DLP 3D Printer manufacturers tell you that the common forms of jewelry design include uniform and progressive arrangement and combination, symmetrical and balanced spatial distribution, mutual matching of contrast and coordination, orderly correspondence of proportional rhythm, etc.
Jewelry design and jewelry products are inseparable. Jewelry DLP 3D Printer manufacturers tell you that three basic principles must be followed in the jewelry design process, namely, the pursuit of artistic quality of fashionable and beautiful jewelry; the utility model can be worn on the body and has use value; it can meet the needs of the market Demand, cater to consumer psychology, marketable products
Although the above three principles are very important and indispensable, in a sense, the higher the quality of art, the more practical, the better the marketability. It can be said that the artistry and practicality of a piece of jewelry serve its commodity. Jewelry DLP 3D Printer manufacturers tell you that only by designing according to the needs of jewelry consumers, this kind of jewelry will have a market and vitality. From the perspective of jewelry marketing, if the jewelry design is not practical and has no commercial value, its artistry will not be high. 

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