Advantages and disadvantages of DLP 3D Printing Resin process


At present, the biggest problem of DLP 3D Printing Resin is the resin problem, and balancing the curing speed, hardness, flexibility and other characteristics is the key to solving it. The following will take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the DLP 3D Printing Resin process.

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Advantages of DLP molding process
Not only the molding accuracy is high, the quality is good, but the surface of the molded object is smooth and delicate. DLP 3D Printing Resin manufacturers tell you that its molding speed is relatively fast, and it is much faster than the SLA molding process. The technological process of DLP 3D Printing Resin is also relatively similar, and there is basically no difference in product characteristics and application categories.
DLP molding process defects
High-precision light-curing 3D printer DLP models are expensive, and if they are industrial grade, the price will be higher. DLP 3D Printing Resin manufacturers tell you that the resin materials used in DLP are relatively expensive, which is likely to cause waste of raw materials. Bulk photosensitive materials must be closed during use and storage.

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