Dental digitization - the revolutionary application of 3D printing

With the application of 3D printing technology in the field of oral implantation, it will not only bring changes to our concept, but also bring subversive development to oral clinic. The era of digital oral medicine technology represented by oral CBCT diagnostic technology, chairside digital impression collection technology, CAD/CAM restoration design and 3D printing processing technology has arrived.




Manufacturing Process







A full range of dental 3D printing materials



Summary of Core Competitiveness




1. It will realize and promote the industrialization process of oral digital solution system, which will have a revolutionary impact on the upgrading of traditional products and the research and development of new products.

2. Promote the digital management of dental clinics, thereby promoting the emergence of digital management products and applications.

3. The combination of personalized and convenient dental implant technology and 3D printing technology will bring a revolutionary improvement to the personalized design and convenience of implantation.

4. 3D printing has high speed and high precision, which not only saves time and labor, but also has strong personalization, which will break the bottleneck of the denture industry and subvert the business model of the entire industry.

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