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The core components applied to 3D printers are highly refined and intelligent, providing technical support for use and upgrading. The 4K-DLP optical bow engine is applied to the field of 3D printing for the first time, with a larger format and a more delicate surface, which increases the original manufacturing capacity several times. Multiple equipment, large format, fast, efficient and intelligent technical features greatly change the manufacturing method and simplify the production process. Replacing the original method of mold-opening and wax injection, it provides hardware support for mass production.



Manufacturing Process







DLP-3D printing technology uses digital light to process the projected image to cure liquid photosensitive resin, which can be imaged by a single pixel, with high printing resolution, smoother surface, and less subsequent processing work. DLP printing technology directly forms the surface during printing, so the molding speed is not affected by the number of parts, each layer can be printed at one time, and then accumulated layer by layer.

In the traditional process route of jewelry manufacturing, making silver plate is an essential step for making mold. Silver plate is usually carved or processed by wax first, and then poured into mold to make a prototype that can be used for making mold. High temperature and high pressure resistant light-curing resin RMR002 developed by TotusTec can be quickly printed and formed, and the mold can be opened on the same day, which greatly simplifies the process, shortens the time and saves costs.

3D printing technology has reshaped the jewelry design and manufacturing industry. 3D printing can realize the complexity and diversity of jewelry design structure, perfectly fit the designer's design, greatly reduce the time, error defects and loss of manual printing, at the same time, it can ensure the high precision of the model, reduce the production cost, and greatly reduce the production cost. to improve production efficiency. Different 3D printing materials are suitable for different jewelry manufacturing processes. Whether it is casting wax materials, resin materials or precious metal materials, they have been widely used. The advancement of technology has improved the production method of jewelry, which in turn has promoted the development of 3D printing technology. Ascension and rapid development. In the future, 3D printers will become an essential tool for jewelry designers, and will also become a tool for jewelry manufacturing factories to achieve mass production.



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