Continuous DLP 3D Printer speeds up manufacturing


Continuous DLP 3D Printer manufacturers tell you that the 3D printing process continues to improve and surpass SLA (stereolithography) and the widely used FDM (fused deposition modeling). In recent years, all types of 3D printing have advanced in terms of accuracy, feature complexity, and supporting software. The most significant advance came with the introduction of DLP (Digital Light Processing). The capabilities of DLP printers allow for faster manufacturing of products such as dental instruments, medical equipment and footwear, with improved design and quality. DLP provides faster production speed, better surface finish and isotropic material properties.

Wholesale Continuous DLP 3D Printer factory
The Continuous DLP 3D Printer manufactures products on a build platform above a vat of photosensitive resin. The DLP chip projects a cross-sectional image of the printed layer onto the resin, which hardens the exposed material. The platform is slowly raised vertically from the resin vat and builds each layer. All dots in each layer are cured at the same time, resulting in faster layer printing compared to traditional printing methods using tracking. After printing, remove the support structure - if any, then clean and cure the part.
The Continuous DLP 3D Printer delivers the smoothest surface finish of any 3D printing process through digital polishing, an advanced printing technology that combines 3D printing software and machine-tuned materials. DLP printers can produce features as thin as 0.05mm with no lines, and can support a variety of surface finishes with more complex geometries.
The Continuous DLP 3D Printer requires far less post-processing than other 3D printers. DLP prints high-precision products that require cleaning and curing steps, and eliminates over-polishing and machining of high-performance parts. It also requires minimal removal of support structures.
DLP cures all layers simultaneously and prints faster than the area tracking process. Concurrent curing enables faster printing of small and large batches. The Continuous DLP 3D Printer can produce large, dense parts faster than standard 3D printers. Today, DLP printers support a wide range of materials.

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