High Speed DLP 3D Printer manufacturers take you to understand what 3D printing product design mainly includes


The manufacturer of High Speed DLP 3D Printer tells you that the appearance and structure of each product are very different, especially for electronic products, the difference is even greater. But it is not difficult for us to find out the content of its regularity.

High Speed DLP 3D Printer
Appearance design includes: shape (shape line, parting line, parting line, decoration details), color scheme; material structure design includes: shell, buckle, bone (reinforcing rib), disassembly, molding, assembly appearance design The focus is on the outer structure of the shell, emphasizing the artistic beauty and humanity of the shape.
Structural design takes both inside and outside into account, and at the same time emphasizes the rationality of the structure. The manufacturer of High Speed DLP 3D Printer tells you that although the appearance design and structural design have different work focuses, their goal is the same - to make a perfect product.
The manufacturer of High Speed DLP 3D Printer tells you that in essence, it is to combine external beauty with internal beauty, and the specific embodiment in product design is the perfect combination of art and technology. When designing the exterior structure, there are some overlapping areas. For example, the exterior shape determines the shell shape of the structure, and the color matching of the exterior directly determines the assembly, disassembly, and molding methods of the structure. The choice of exterior materials also directly Affects the way the structure is assembled, disassembled and formed, so a balance must be found in these closely related areas. The above concerns are also the focus and starting point of our optimized design.
The above is the analysis of what is mainly included in the product design of 3D printing introduced by the manufacturer of High Speed DLP 3D Printer. I hope it can provide you with a reference.

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