Large Toy LCD 3D Printer manufacturer will show you how to prevent accidents when operating 3D printers


The manufacturer of the Large Toy LCD 3D Printer tells you that there may be safety issues such as burns, pinches, and fires during the operation of the 3D printer. At present, the 3D printing industry is a field of technological creation. Let the operators ignore the existing safety hazards, because there will be risks if they are not careful, so the staff must pay attention to avoiding these risks when operating.

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How to prevent accidents when using a 3D printer
1. Burns, because most of the temperature is relatively high when the 3D printer is working, especially like metal printing, so if the printed object is not fully cooled, it is very likely to be burned if it directly touches the hot end. For burns, although some machines have a high-temperature reminder function, some machines do not, so everyone should pay attention to this problem, and not only the problem of the hot end, but also the printout and the hot bed, all require the attention of the staff , The manufacturer of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer tells you that you must use it in a standardized manner during operation. You can wear protective gloves, or use barrier tools such as a casing to protect it, and the 3D printer should also be placed in a place that is not easily accessible by unrelated personnel.
2. Pinch injuries, because 3D printers are also mechanical equipment, so they are likely to be injured when the machine is running, so when operating, the staff must make sure that the machine is in a safe state before touching it, and wear protective gloves at the same time , the manufacturer of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer tells you that if you have children at home and use a home 3D printer, it should be placed in a place where children cannot reach, and you must not be negligent.
3. Fire, and avoiding fire, because there are still some people who are not very aware of fire prevention. If no protective measures are taken, or improper operation is still very likely to cause fire, so users need to Master the knowledge of correct 3D printing operation, and also improve the awareness of fire prevention. The manufacturer of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer tells you that when placing the 3D printing machine, you must keep away from the raw materials, and do a good job of monitoring, and prepare fire extinguishing devices around .

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