The manufacturer of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer will show you how to solve the warping of the model during the printing process of the 3D printer


The manufacturer of Large Toy LCD 3D Printer tells you that many novices who have just used 3D printers will encounter the problem of edge warping during the printing process; in fact, it is one of the most common problems in 3D printing! Although 3D printer manufacturers have introduced various methods to solve the warping problem, such as high borosilicate glass, warping glue, film and so on. But there is no guarantee that warping will not occur. Next, the following six ways to prevent warping will be shared with you:

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Thermal expansion and contraction of plastics is the main cause of edge warping during printing. The plastic extruded from the nozzle shrinks as it cools, causing the edges or ends of the model to lift and separate from the platform. In particular, ABS has a higher melting point and is easier to warp than PLA. When the bottom area of the model is small, the shrinkage effect is not obvious. When the area is larger, the shrinkage per unit area accumulates, and the inward tension becomes quite strong, causing the edge to tilt. But as long as the method is proper, it can also effectively reduce the warping problem.
1. Coating PVP glue on the 3D printing platform can effectively prevent edge warping.
2. Widen the line width of the first layer. The wider the line width, the more material can be squeezed out of the extrusion hole, and the stronger the extrusion force of the plastic and printing platform will be. This increases the adhesion between the model and the platform, which in turn reduces edge warping.
3. Turn off the cooling fan on the first floor. The cooling fan can speed up the cooling of the model. If the printed model is relatively small, the next layer will be printed before it cools down. It is easy to overheat and cause the model to deform. Generally, a fan is needed to accelerate cooling.
But when printing large models, the blowing air from the fan will cause the plastic to cool too quickly and shrink, causing the edges to warp. Therefore, generally speaking, when the model area is large, the fan can be turned on after the first layer is printed. Because the first layer takes a long time to print, there is enough time for the plastic to cool, so you can leave the fan on.
4. Reduce the printing speed. If you find that the printing process is always warping, you can try to reduce the printing speed. Going slower will help reduce warping. Use a heated bed printer. If you have a hot bed, you better turn it on. If you don't have a heated bed, you can use various glues. In theory, maintaining a certain temperature of the hot bed can reduce warping, but it cannot guarantee 100% no warping.
5. Use various glues. Glue can bring good adhesion and reduce the probability of warping. Such as PVP glue sticks, various anti-warping glue, anti-warping film, textured paper and so on.
6. Improved 3D model. Modifying the shape of the bottom of the model can also reduce warping. For example, add the same edge as the mouse ears to the bottom of the model to increase adhesion. In addition, you can add more skirts when slicing, or simply use the bottom valve to increase the adhesion of the model.

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