What problems should be considered when choosing lcd resin 3d printer


When we choose lcd resin 3d printer, what issues need to be considered? Let us briefly understand it below.

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1. Printing size (equipment with large-format printing size enables rapid iteration of design prototypes and rapid production in small batches.)
2. Printing accuracy (the higher the resolution and the smaller the pixel size, the clearer the surface details and textures of the printed object; the more advanced the optical design, the higher the accuracy of the printed object, which can accurately present the design prototype.)
3. Printing speed (When evaluating the printing speed, we generally need to limit the material and layer thickness. The lcd resin 3d printer manufacturer tells you that even on the same machine, different layer thicknesses and different materials will lead to huge differences in printing speed. .)
4. Open materials (some 3D printers only allow users to use special resin materials, which is a very big limitation, while 3D printers with open systems can be compatible with more third-party materials.)
5. Typesetting/slicing software (Typesetting and slicing is the first step in 3D printing, a good software can make preprocessing fast and easy. The lcd resin 3d printer manufacturer tells you that most 3D printer companies provide free software trials, users A simple trial can be done before purchasing.)
6. Post-processing (resin 3D printing samples need to be cleaned and post-cured. The lcd resin 3d printer manufacturer tells you that the post-cured samples have higher strength and less deformation. Therefore, a complete cleaning machine and curing box can effectively improve the efficiency and reduce labor costs.)

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